From CG to reality

Crazy evolution of technology. From ZB to real life sculpture…totally impossible just few years ago.

Zbrush Model / CG render / 3D Print / Cold metal casting.
Hope you like it 🙂
More images in the 3D print gallery

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Dam Standard v2 is here :)

Hi guys,

For those of you using ZBrush, if you like my first brush, Dam_Standard, you might like my new brush: Dam Standard v2 😀
I hope you like it as much as the first one.
you can get it on Gumroad here:

Buy my product

I also made a custom Gizmo 3D which is better than the default one :):

Buy my product

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ZBrush summit 2017 is done.

Zbrush Summit was really great, i’m so glad i was part of it this year. I meet so many great people and amazing artist there, i feel so lucky.
I did a presentation there about my workflow using ZBrush from concept to final rendering and 3d printing. if you missed it, you can still watch it on youtube 🙂

i also update the gallery with images from the model i’m presenting in the video.

hope you like it and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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ZB Summit 2017

Hi guys,

I will be at the ZBrush summit 2017. I will do a presentation of my workflow there. there will be a live stream so everyone will be able to watch my presentation.

more info here

see you there 😉

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Some Quick Concept

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New 3D print gallery

I’m happy to share with you my new 3d print gallery.
I will post there images from my 3D prints 🙂

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Quick speedsculpt

Here is another speedsculpt that i wanted to share. render in keyshot and post in photoshop

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3D print

Hi, after a long time waiting to be able to print some of my characters, finaly, here it is:
Still need to do some clean up and it would be great to paint it but i don’t think i will get time for that 🙁

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Some Trailers i worked on in the past years

I, long time no post :/, I was quite busy so instead of showing personal work, for once, i’ll show professional work:)
I linked below some trailers i was lucky to worked on over the past years for Blur and Digic Pictures, thanks so much to them for allowing me to work on these trailers and congratulation for theses amazing teams, they deserve it.

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Hair test

Hi, Here are some new WIP. I’m trying to find a good workflow to make realistic hair.

This is some first result. Still lot of work…:)


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