Hair test

Hi, Here are some new WIP. I’m trying to find a good workflow to make realistic hair.

This is some first result. Still lot of work…:)


damien_canderle_speed_sculpting_30 damien_canderle_speed_sculpting_31

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Nous somme tous Charlie…

their only crime was  drawing….



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Happy new year

All the best for 2015 :)

i really hope i got more time this year to update this site more than i did last year.

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long time since i post something new. I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Here is a new Speedsculpt


and here is a new personal project, i started this one for the blizzardfest but don’t think i will make it in time. i’ll share it anyway even if it’s a rough wip (click the image to see the turnaround)

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New speedsculpting


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Hellboy update

some little tweak. i think i have all the elements i need. Time to start final modeling

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Hellboy is coming, I’m blocking up proportions and shapes :)

Here is ome WIP .

damien_canderle_hellboy_wip01 damien_canderle_hellboy_wip02


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HellBoy Good Samaritan Gun

Hi there,

I have started a new project. i’ll do Hellboy (well hopefully :D ) . First step, his gun. the good samaritan. Next, hellboy himself :D

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Happy New year,

i wish you all the best for 2014 :D

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He got some hair ….!!! :D

Ok, this is far from perfect but i still wanted to share this WIP

hope you like it. more update soon.

damien-canderle_man04 damien-canderle_man03
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