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Another speedsculpting i wanted to share. Critics and comments are welcome 🙂

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Soldier Wip

Another wip. This time i worked on a more realistic character. It’s still very wip but i’m not sure i will work again on him, i want to move on another character :). here is my progress so far.

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Comicon 2010 results

Yesssss!!!!I won the first place 🙂 Congratulation to everyone, there was some truely amazing work.

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another anatomical study

New study, i used the same basemesh as the last one. next time i will try to make a woman 🙂

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Anatomical study

I love doing monsters but i also know that i need to improve my anatomical skills. So here is a quick study. I will try to do more studies if i find enough time…

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Evil Laugh…done

time for this guy to go to the CG gallery, i don’t think i will work anymore on him. time to move to a new project 🙂

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Happy 2011 :)

Hello, My new friends from christmas and I wish you an happy new year. I hope 2011 will bring you all the best.

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