weird Old man


Some test on skin shader. Vray SSS2 is really great when you learn how to use it.

enjoy 🙂


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6 Responses to weird Old man

  1. ana says:

    Please learn me how to use it!!

  2. BilboX says:

    Super utilisation de ce nouveau shader!

    Petite question: je ne vois pas de map de displacement ou de normal map: tu utilises un modificateur Vray Displacement ou alors tu a un mesh très haute résolution?


  3. Raphael says:

    Great!!! I’ve tried to use Vray sss, but I could not obtain a great result like yours.

    See ya

  4. stef says:

    vraiment superbe… tu fais la retopo sous max ou ZB?… si tu pouvais nous montrer les wireframes… merci

  5. Mike Kime says:

    Good god! this is amazing. I don’t know where to begin so i’m just not. Its really just great all around. I wish I knew V-Ray. Inspiring work!

  6. Chris Krüger says:

    That SSS material really makes the bust stand out. Subtle but very effective 🙂 Awsome sculpt and paint job as allways Damien!


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