render of my last speedsculpting

here is a new rendreing of the last head i did.

the eyes are paint in photoshop but everything else is render with max and vray.

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4 Responses to render of my last speedsculpting

  1. You sir, is simply amazing.

    I have one question though; how does your sss shader setup look? I presume you are using the VrayFastSSS2, correct? I know the trick is to get the scale and scatter radius balanced and let the scatter map slot handle the skin color information, but is there any other tricks to the shader? The renders I’ve made with it isn’t near as amazing as yours.

  2. daounin says:

    salut !!
    toujours aussi efficace et unique !!
    joli taff

  3. canderled says:

    Merci 🙂
    Pour le making of, faudra que je trouve un peu plus de temps libre et de motivation pour ca, c’est pas gagné 🙂

  4. GuiX says:

    Un peu de temps libre et tu nous ponds ça? Ben, chapeau bas monsieur!
    En tous cas, tes rendus/modés sont toujours une grande source d’admiration pour moi.
    On en veut plus!

    Un petit making-of ?

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