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  1. JDubya says:

    What programs do you use? I am astounded at the level of quality your work is, especially you old Link which i know you get complements all the time, I also love your Hulk rendering,

  2. Smoluck says:

    Hello Damien, I’ve seen your Zelda a long time ago, and i’m pleased to see you’re new website and last wip on Lara. I would be curious to see this one on a Mamoset turntable like the Zelda. Post some wip form Zbrush please !!! we stay tuned !

  3. Beautiful work. As a traditional FX artist I am always looking for digital talent to team up with when projects demand. I’d like to keep in touch. Do you have a Linkedin account? Love what I see here.

  4. Kaleb Yatrofsky says:

    I just wanted to lend some encouragement on this phenomenal work. I have never seen a more talented animator. Avatar and Pixar have some new tricks to learn.

  5. Anthony says:

    You (or someone else) posted your rendering of “Old Link” on recently and I just wanted to tell you it is the most incredible piece of Zelda Art I have ever seen. Based on that image alone all I can say is “When does this game come out?”. I came to your site right away to see more of your work and after reading your blog I am even more impressed. You say you have to practice and get better at things when you are clearly a master artist. The fact that you are always striving to be better shows the real master in you. Anyway I am just some random gamer who wanted to stop by and tell you you’re art made me feel good. Take care!

  6. Mandana says:

    hi dear damien
    I really want to know how to light and render my characters like you have any tutorials by you so I can buy them?for example is it possible to create a video tutorial for me and then I buy it from u?please please let me know
    wish u the best and good luck <3

    • canderled says:

      Sorry i don’t have a tutorial, lot’ of people asked me about that so i might do one sometime soon.
      Just to give you some quick hints, i mostly render my image with Vray, using area light and GI. I also do some postwork in photoshop (colorcorrect…).

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