Woman render test

Hi, here is a small update on the girl and a first render test.

I will need to add smaller detail and work on the skin textures.

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WIP Fullbody Woman

Yes, at last, a full woman body:)

Still working on her but i wanted to show the progress so far 🙂

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Woman’s head

This is a first, at last, i’ve started to work on a woman. Don’t worry, monsters are still there, waiting around the corner to come back but as i said in the previous post, i want to show more work on “realistic” human.

Let’s start with this quick face study . If i got time i’ll try to make the body too 😀



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lot’s of people are asking me if i can do realistic human. It’s true that i have mostly monsters. I will try to show more realistic human modeling and rendering.

I’ll start with just a head for the first one. it’s still WIP but it’s as far as it will go 🙂

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render of my last speedsculpting

here is a new rendreing of the last head i did.

the eyes are paint in photoshop but everything else is render with max and vray.

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few free hours…


As you might guess from how long it took me to make this new post, i was quite busy lately. I hardly get time for personal work but today i manage some time to work on a new head. It’s not very impressive but that how far it will get:)

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well, here is my first image for 2012 🙂 it’s a speedsculting, about 45min no references used.

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Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

i wish you all the best for this year 😀

i have been quite busy these last month but i manage to quickly make this image to start 2012 . i will try to make more update this year 🙂

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weird Old man


Some test on skin shader. Vray SSS2 is really great when you learn how to use it.

enjoy 🙂


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Gremlins is back…


It’s just my old gremlins model. But this time, I posed himto make him more alive and i use another light setup.

hope you like it more like this 🙂

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