He got some hair ….!!! :D

Ok, this is far from perfect but i still wanted to share this WIP

hope you like it. more update soon.

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The bald guy

Is this another bald guy? oh, no…. well yes it is but my gaol with this one is actually to give him hairs :D. and since to make hair it’s better to get a head first, there it is :D.

Hopefully the hairs will come soon.

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Some Hair

yehh, time to add this guy some hairs:).

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Some very quick sculpts :). i’ll add more of them here from time to time so come back to check it .


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here is a new WIP. For this one, i have to give credit to Aris kolokontes’s amazing sculpture 🙂

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Happy new year

I wish you all the best for 2013, happy new year:)


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Still WIP but i’d like to share it anyway. I still got a lot to improve on human anatomy

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Lara Croft Update

Just an update on Lara. I had some unsymetrical objects.

Hair still need a lot of work and texture too:)

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Tomb Raider

Hi, i want to share this new WIP with you.

i’m since working on the female anatomie but i wanted to take a break and dress her and i think make my own Lara croft could be great too. Still lot of work to be done 🙂

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Woman render test

Hi, here is a small update on the girl and a first render test.

I will need to add smaller detail and work on the skin textures.

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